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The SPA is affiliated to the English Pool Association (EPA)

SPA (Shropshire Pool Association) Affiliation Information

Please note that Shropshire Pool leagues do not have to adopt or play World Rules in order to join Shropshire Pool Association.

Affiliation to Shropshire Pool Association means that leagues can enter teams into the county Interleague championships.

Affiliated players can earn county ranking points for progressing in registered league tournaments (singles, doubles etc).

Affiliation to Shropshire Pool Association "opens the door" to county selection and possible progression to UK tour events, national championships and even selection for the England team (all England Pool Teams are widely considered to be the best in the world).

Affiliated Leagues are entitled to enter teams into the Shropshire Interleague Championships in which players represent their league against other Shropshire Pool Leagues. Winning Interleague teams are entitled to represent their leagues in the National Interleague Pool Championships (held annually at Great Yarmouth).

Additionally; individual players from Interleague teams may be invited to join or trial for the Shropshire Pool Squad (we are currently re-building the Shropshire County Pool Teams).

The SPA - Shropshire Pool Association is a full member of the EPA (English Pool Association).  As the official governing body for Pool in the County of Shropshire, the SPA organises and runs Shropshire Interleague Pool and Shropshire County Pool matches, and SPA committee members also sit on the Region 3 and EPA committees.

Additionally, the Shropshire Pool Association works with the EPA to provide access to official refereeing courses and exams (Shropshire Pool Association currently has a number of Officially Qualified EPA referees).

Affiliated leagues are offered the option of a webpage on the SPA site (which can be used to promote their league and league events).


Shropshire A County Pool Team


Shropshire B County Pool Team


Shropshire Ladies County Pool Team


Shropshire Senior County Pool Team

Please note

Senior Squad membership; invitation only

Shropshire Youth County Pool Team


Apart from the Shropshire Seniors Pool Team, players from affiliated Shropshire Pool Leagues are invited to Play in annual Shropshire County Pool team trials.

Shropshire Pool Leagues which are affiliated to the Shropshire Pool Association will be notified of, and invited to enter various tournaments at local national and International level.

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  Shropshire Pool Association is run solely for the benefit of its member leagues and players. We are currently rebuilding our teams.

We want County Youth team Pool players.

We want County Lady Pool players.

We want County A team Pool players and County B team Pool players.


 Shropshire Pool Association believes that Shropshire Pool leagues will be stronger together and officially invites the following leagues to join us.

Please note that affiliated leagues will be able to submit men, ladies, youth and seniors players for the County teams.

Please note that players in affiliated leagues can be awarded county ranking points for registered tournaments.

Please note that affiliated leagues can enter teams in Shropshire Interleague championships.

Please note that affiliated leagues will also receive their own webpage on the Shropshire Pool Association Website or links to their webpage - Facebook page etc.

Please note that players from affiliated leagues can enter national and international championships.

Please note that league singles champions from affiliated leagues can enter the National Champion of Champions singles tournament.

Please note that league team champions from affiliated leagues can enter the National Champion of Champions team tournament.

Shropshire Ladies Pool Matches and Pool Events

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Join Shropshire Pool Association

Membership of Shropshire Pool Association costs only £15 per year. All applications should initially go through our League Chair Person (Mr John Rawlins)

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