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How to Order Official County Pool Balls


Shropshire Pool Association are pleased to offer Genuine, Official, Regulation, England Pool Association Approved Tournament Standard Pool Match Balls - Pool Balls as introduced by the EPA (English Pool Association) in 2013 and used in major tournaments (including Great Yarmouth) from early 2013 onward.

The new Pool Balls are the same size as the previous spec Pool Balls, but Reds and Yellows are a slightly deeper hue, the white is decorated with red spots to make it easier for spectators and TV audiences to view player ball control, and the 8 Ball is no longer black, but rather is white with a wide black band.

Additionally; the new official Pool Balls are not made in the same way as the previous design Pool Balls and players report that they definitely react differently to the "old Pool Balls".


Official Pool Tournament Match Balls 


Shropshire Pool Association has now replaced the old style Pool Balls on all Shropshire County Pool tables (Pool tables used for Shropshire County Pool team matches and Shropshire Interleague Pool Matches) with the new official Pool Balls.

However; it is obviously in everyone`s interests for all players to be using the new Pool Balls when playing Pool league matches and practice games. Players are advised to "talk to your Pub landlords, Club committees" and other decision makers to get the new Pool Balls in use. If you are playing on the Pool tours, playing Interleague Pool, playing County Pool or playing in a regional or national Pool tournament; you will be using these new official Pool Balls.

Anyone playing with the new Pool Balls - practicing with the new Pool Balls will obviously have an advantage.

Please note; apparently fake Pool Balls (resembling the new Official Pool Balls) are available elsewhere. These are of inferior design, they react differently when struck etc and they should be avoided at all costs. Please click here to Report Fake Goods.

The new Match Balls are now available for use - practice on the County match tables at the White Horse - Wrockwardine Wood and at Wrockwardine Wood Football Club.



New Match Pool Balls

Venues using New Design Pool Balls

Wrockwardine Wood Football Club

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