Shropshire B Pool Team

Shropshire Mens B County Pool Team


(English Pool Association Region 3 Mens B Section)

20 Jan 17 Feb 10 Mar 14 Apr
Match 1
1 v 4
2 v 5
3 v 6
Match 2
3 v 5
4 v 2
6 v 1
Match 3
2 v 1
4 v 3
5 v 6
Match 4
5 v 1
3 v 2
4 v 6
12 May 9 Jun 7 Jul
Match 5
1 v 3
5 v 4
2 v 6
Match 6
1 v 2
3 v 4
6 v 5
Match 7
1 v 5
2 v 3
6 v 4
8 Sep 13 Oct 10 Nov
Match 8
4 v 1
5 v 2
6 v 3
Match 9
3 v 1
4 v 5
6 v 2
Match 10
5 v 3
2 v 4
1 v 6


This year there will see separate County A and B squads. We are lucky enough to have a large number of committed players who will make one overall squad.

It is anticipated that movement between teams will be very fluid and so there will be no set line ups.

However, having said that, there are certain players who have earned starting spots in each of the teams, all other players will be used when needed in either of the teams.

The current B team line up currently includes:

Shropshre Pool Association Mens B Team News


Players List 


These lists do not include all players as places are available in both teams at every game and we

run with a full reserve list at each game.

Shropshire B Pool Team Captain       Anthony Summers, Shropshire County Mens Team Manager

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