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Membership of the Shropshire Senior County Pool Squad is strictly by invitation only. It should be appreciated that we play against seasoned county players, international players and ex international players. Prospective Shropshire County Seniors players should therefore be proven at county level or above, and acceptance is subject to the agreement of current players.

The 2016 senior squad currently consists of Jeff Hoof, Paul Devey, John Rawlins, Paul Baker, Wayne Dodd (Wayne joined in June 2016) and Kevin Genner. Additionally; Michael Manning has been officially invited to join the 2016 squad.

Unfortunately; Mick Birch has left the squad for personal reasons. Shropshire seniors wish Mick the very best for the future and Kev would like to publicly thank him for his service and friendship and to assure him that given the option; Kev would include him in future squads.

Due to health issues (shaking caused by Diabetes which undoubtedly costs frames) Kevin Genner has dropped down to a role of non playing captain - manager - reserve. Due to the signing of Wayne Dodd, it is expected that Kev will now primarily play as reserve.


Senior Squad Overview

(Captains Perspective)


Kev accepted the role of Senior team captain approx 4 years ago. At that time the Senior squad consisted of 3 players; Kev, Jeff and Olwyn Bagbrough.

Despite our efforts to raise interest in joining the Senior Squad this proved difficult and perceived issues with the venue at that time and other factors meant that new players such as Adrian Honeywell and George Burrows were difficult to attract and played only once.

Given our rural location and the fact that the Shropshire squad consisted only of players from Telford and Shrewsbury Pool leagues, it was difficult to recruit players of the correct calbre to compete in this most difficult of regions and the team size was increased from 3 players to 5 players per team. Kev identified and persued specific players (such as Paul Devey) in order to build solid squad foundations with high quality players (Paul has now had England trials twice whilst Noel Stones qualified for and was part of the England team which won the European Championships in Malta).

The constant in this has been "Mr Reliable"; Jeff Hoof. Jeff had been a constant county A team player for many years, he has had England trials on a number of occasions and Jeffs involvement was crucial to Kev initially agreeing to join (Kev only had England trials once).

County matches are now played to a 5 aside format, and this has provided opportunities for more players to join - we needed more players. As a member of the SPA (Shropshire Pool Association) Committee, Kev had (for some time) argued that local Pool leagues which played "Old Rules" should be invited to join the SPA. The arguement was that this would allow more players to represent Shropshire whist giving county team captains a wider choice of players. Kev had also proposed and argued for county trials but insisted that Senior player selection would be by invitation only. This allows for existiing players to be consulted on selection issues - which ensures that disruptive personalities are not included - we have good team spirit.

Additionally; as from the 2016 season, home matches are held at Wrockwardine Wood football club - cheap drink, good tables, more space - enough said.

John Rawlins, Mick Birch and Paul Baker joined in 2015 and became regulars. Unfortunately; Mick Birch left in 2016 due to circumstances beyond Micks, Kevs or the teams control. Kev wishes to state; "I would much prefer mick to remain part of the Senior Squad. If the opportunity arises for Mick to rejoin the Senior Squad, he is most welcome to do so".

Micks departure left us in a position where we had only 5 players, so Kev began searching for 2 more players to join the squad.

Kev now plays in the Newport (Shropshire) Pool league, and was sufficiently impressed with Stag player; Michael Manning, and then with Sutherland Arms player; Wayne Dodd to offer them places in the team.

Wayne accepted the opportunity and played his 1st match away to reigning national champions; West Midlands on June 12th 2016.

Players results; Jeff Hoof played 5 - won 4. Paul Devey played 5 - won 4. John Rawlins played 5 - won 3. Paul Baker played 5 - won 3. Wayne Dodd played 5 - won 2. The final score was West Mids A; 9 - Shropshire; 16.

Our next match is home to Staffordshire A. Jeff, Paul Devey, John, Paul Baker and Wayne are all selected to play whilst Michael Manning has been invited to attend as reserve.  Also; Kev was aware of and recently made a point of watching (and was impressed with) Colin Pink.

Shropshire Senior Pool Team Captain      Kevin Genner

Shropshire Senior Pool Team 

Paul Baker

Les  Bird

Paul Devey

Chris Eaton

Kev Genner

Jeff Hoof

Adam Moore

John Rawlins


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