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Wrockwardine Wood Football Club - Home of Youth Pool

Wrockwardine Wood Football Club

New Road

Wrockwardine Wood

Telford, Shropshire


Telford (01952) 613086

Function Room available for hire

6 Match Standard Pool Tables on "Free play"

Wrockwardine Wood Football Club

Uses New Pool Balls

New Match Pool Balls used at Wrockwardine Wood FC

In line with its commitment to supporting Sport in Telford, Shropshire; Wrockwardine Wood Football Club has invested in 7 sets of the latest (new style) Official Pool Balls. It is hoped that this will be of benefit to both local league Pool Players and County Pool players who use the excellent facilities at Wrockwardine Wood Football Club and to the Shropshire Youth Pool team (who play from and are sponsored by Wrockwardine Wood Football Club).

Wrockwardine Wood Football Club are Sponsors of;

Shropshire Pool Association County Youth Pool Team

Shropshire Youth Pool Team at Wrockwardine Wood FC

2014 Shropshire County Youth Pool Team

Wrockwardine Wood Football Club is the home venue for the Shropshire Youth Pool Team and Shropshire Ladies Pool Team. With 5 top quality tables in the main room, another top quality table in the bar, a friendly environment and some seriously good players usually on hand for practice or advice, Wrockwardine Wood Football Club is the ideal partner for our County Youth Team and the Shropshire Ladies Pool Team.

Shropshire Pool Association wishes to thank the Wrockwardine Wood Football Club committee and members for their sponsorship and support.

Wrockwardine Wood Thursday Night Pool League

Wrockwardine Wood Football Club In-House Pool League

The Wrockwardine Wood Football Club Singles Pool League website features Pool match fixtures & Pool match results.

This is an in-house invitational Pool League featuring 3 divisions with all Pool matches played on Thursday evenings at Wrockwardine Wood Football Club, Telford..

As from 2016, Wrockwardine Wood Football Club is also home of the Shropshire Pool Association and hosts all Shropshire County Pool matches (county matches are played approx once per month on Sunday afternoons).

Opening Times

(Wrockwardine Wood Football Club)

Monday - 19.00 (7pm) - 23.00 (11pm)

Tuesday - 19.00 (7pm) - 23.00 (11pm)

Wednesday - 19.00 (7pm) - 23.00 (11pm)

Thursday - 19.00 (7pm) - 23.00 (11pm)

Friday - 19.00 (7pm) - 23.00 (11pm)

Saturday - 19.00 (7pm) - 23.00 (11pm)

Sunday - 19.00 (7pm) - 23.00 (11pm)

Wrockwardine Wood Pool Team Telford Phone numberTelephone Number; Telford (01952) 613086

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